About Us
Our History
We are based in Torquay S.Devon United Kingdom.
Eagles High started with a group of friends discussing Napoleonic war gaming and how much enjoyment we could all have from recreating battles from the Napoleonic era. With a vast combined knowledge of Napoleonic history we each set about collecting, building and painting our own particular armies. This was all new to us, most of the group had only ever played either fantasy or futuristic games because of the lack of any historical clubs in our area, but the ball was now rolling. Each member started by only collecting a particular army but this soon spread to multiple armies “the bug had bitten”.
As soon as we had collected a small amount of miniatures we needed to start gaming, after all that was our main goal. So the hard, but at the same time fun job of purchasing some rule sets (more than our club shelves could cope with) began. We set about finding a set of rules that we felt would replicate the detail of the Napoleonic era but without needing four months to play the game. We searched high and low and after many years of playing many different rule sets we decided (yup you guessed it) “to write our own”. The problem was not that there were no rules that we felt were any good, it was a case of not having all the information that you would need to play a game and all within the same set of rules, “how many figures do I need?”, “what type of regiments can I use?”, “what ratio of cavalry to infantry do I use?”, “can I use skirmishers?” and “what if I want to run a campaign……how?”, it just wasn’t there so we set about creating our own rules that would be suited to novices and hardened gamers alike.
Gaming Tables
Eagles High members are very fortunate to own two gaming tables (you can see these in the gallery) which can be used 24/7 and measure an impressive six foot by six foot and five foot by twelve foot. Our scenery is mostly scratched built to a very high standard and is added to on a regular basis (no rest for the wicked).
********Club Doctrine*********
" It is far better to dare mighty
things, to win glorious triumphs
even though checkered by
failure, than to rank with those
poor spirits who neither enjoy
much or suffer much because
they live in the gray twilight that
knows neither victory nor defeat".

Theodore Roosevelt
********Tony's Motto********
Loose a minute in your life,
not your life in a minute
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