Annual Events

As our group has grown over the years the founding members have spent more and more effort in making TGG more than just a games group, after all we do not merely dabble and follow but we set standards as you would have already noticed. So what do we do? I hear you ask, well take a good look at the following list and ask yourself, is this “the” gaming group for me.
TGG members enjoy travelling to many gaming/miniature shows: 
Warfare, Wargames Association of Reading.
PAW, Plymouth Association of Wargamers.
Legionary, Exeter.
Crusade, Penarth,
WMMS, West Midlands Model Show
Triples, Sheffield
Salute, London.
TGG members enjoy taking part in Special gaming events: 
The Annual Donkey Derby.
(Held during the Christmas holidays)
Mass Participation Games.
(Held throughout the year)
Competition Gaming.
(Held throughout the year)
TGG members enjoy the odd journey: 
Shopping Trips to other Counties.
(Wives usually not present but then sometimes the are)
Trips to war sites.
 (Waterloo, Gettysburg just to name two)
Trips to Miniature Manufacturers.
(Many members have experienced the process of miniature making)
(Visits included Black Scorpion, Sergeants Mess and Games Workshop)
TGG members enjoy the many BBQ’s held throughout the summer months:
Food, Glorious Food. 
TGG members enjoy building and painting bespoke gaming tables
(We have been awarded prizes in recognition every time):
Prize Winning Tables.
********Club Doctrine*********
" It is far better to dare mighty
things, to win glorious triumphs
even though checkered by
failure, than to rank with those
poor spirits who neither enjoy
much or suffer much because
they live in the gray twilight that
knows neither victory nor defeat".

Theodore Roosevelt
********Tony's Motto********
Loose a minute in your life,
not your life in a minute
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