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Time:02/13/2012 at 5:49pm (UTC)
Message:Very nice website, love the back ground music, hope to join you guys very soon. TTFN Nathan

Time:09/21/2009 at 4:46pm (UTC)
Message:Very nice site!

Time:08/21/2009 at 7:34pm (UTC)
Message:hi dad i like your website very nice. love u lots ana x x x

Name:Paul "Black Legion"
Time:05/11/2008 at 3:33pm (UTC)
Message:Hi tony missing you alot hope to see you all soon I'm painting dark angels give all my love to dee and kids, all best Paul

Time:04/17/2008 at 6:04pm (UTC)
Message:I would like to thank all the guys in the group for giving me such a warm and friendly welcome and all the hobby help.:)Great site guys:)

Time:02/11/2008 at 8:25am (UTC)
Message:Nice feedback comments about PAW (and us) on the news section. Proves Napoleonics is interesting to all ages given the right spin.

Name:Blucher (Dave)
Time:02/08/2008 at 4:18pm (UTC)
Message:Great website keep up the good work.

Name:Andy "the Austrian" Moore
Time:02/04/2008 at 8:59pm (UTC)
Message:Really enjoyed Plymouth, looking forward to tuesday

Name:paul "musket" demery
Time:02/04/2008 at 1:20pm (UTC)
Message:Hi Tone, lovely page! keep in contact and see you at the next show, lovely to meet up at Penarth and chew the fat again!

Time:01/08/2008 at 3:51pm (UTC)
Message:Well I´m impressed of what you have done both on the webby and all your soldiers, really nice stuff

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" It is far better to dare mighty
things, to win glorious triumphs
even though checkered by
failure, than to rank with those
poor spirits who neither enjoy
much or suffer much because
they live in the gray twilight that
knows neither victory nor defeat".

Theodore Roosevelt
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Loose a minute in your life,
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